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With an abiding faith in a "Growth for All" paradigm, we offer our employees with much more than stimulating and structured work environment. As RM MEDNET continues to grow by leaps and bounds in its quest for scaling the highest echelons of the medical software industry, you can look forward to unlimited opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Growth opportunities are invariably linked to your performance reviews that take into account your ambitions, preferences, performance on the job and the company's performance over a given period. Following a 360-degree Performance Review system, RM Mednet ensures that you are appraised not only by your seniors, but also your peers and juniors and factors in the whole gamut of relationships you build along with your work. Contributions to the Organizational Knowledge Repository are valued highly.

Being a young organization, our culture is a curious mix of spontaneity and structured processes that allows our people to accomplish their tasks using the best technology support available while retaining the explosive spontaneity that is the hallmark of every successful software corporation.

With RM MEDNET, you get Empowerment, Team-based Organization, 360-degree appraisal system, the right balance between work and fun, and well, everything that makes working at RM MEDNET an enjoyable and rewarding experience - all helping you to realize your full potential, achieving your own goals and building the foundation of a brilliant career.

Through a range of processes that seek your active participation in organizational development, including a perception feedback system, we strive to provide an environment that is stimulating, challenging and keeps you motivated to reach your goals. We set new standards of excellence through customer-focused solutions and ensure that you are at the center of it all.

We realize the role that recognition plays in motivating people to ensure that performers in all areas of the company's operations are suitably rewarded, financially as well as in terms of recognition by their peers, seniors and juniors!

We believe people are our biggest assets and strive to create a workplace that benefits a company with global ambitions. If you need to know more about RM MEDNET or our people policies, please do not hesitate to contact us at - Looking forward to seeing you at RM MEDNET

R.M. Mednet Information Technologies has experienced steady growth seeking to be a leading innovator of advanced software solutions for our healthcare providers. Our success is due to our commitment to conscientious hiring, employee training, and rewarding accomplishments. Some of the benefits for working for R.M. Mednet Information Technologies include:

- Above competitive salaries
- Relocation allowance for various positions
- Vacation Plans
- Business casual dressing
- Daily luncheon for employees
- Ongoing technical in-house and off-site learning experiences

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