- Being a young organization, our culture is a curious mix of spontaneity and structured processes that allows our people to accomplish their tasks using the best technology support available while retaining the explosive spontaneity that is the hallmark of every successful software corporation.


- R.M. Mednet Information Technologies has experienced steady growth seeking to be a leading innovator of advanced software solutions for our healthcare providers.

- Computers in the health care industry today provide us with capabilities that were unthinkable a short time ago. Software enhancements and upgrades are announced daily keeping us on top of the latest technology.

- To stay ahead in this industry, a company needs to provide creative skills and up-to-date software knowledge.


R.M. Mednet Information Technologies is backed by years of experience in the health care industry and has remained exclusively dedicated to the development, installation, conversion, and ongoing support of the healthcare information systems.

R.M. Mednet Information Technologies helps our healthcare client’s business goals through custom software and application development and enable them to better interact with their employees, customers, and vendors, with customized web-based solutions. With our qualified team of developers and the attention to detail, we develop quality systems that are not only well architected and designed, but proven reliable and scalable for enterprise-wide deployment.

When a custom software development solution calls for a web-based application, our development team uses the latest .Net technology, specializing in creating user-friendly solutions, ensuring the applications are intuitive, visually impressive, and very easy to use.

If you are a healthcare provider, R.M. Mednet Information Technology is the solution to your software application development, installation, conversion, and ongoing support.

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