• Software research and development
  • Product design, development and enhancement
  • Maintenance and enhancement
  • Production support
  • Reverse re-engineering
  • Testing and de-bugging


  • Web Solutions – ASP Model, Hybrid Model and Client Server Model
  • Tablet PC Version of Client Server application
  • PDA Enabled application
  • EMR


  • ebusiness
  • CRM
  • Business Intelligence
  • N-tier C/S application

RM Mednet follows the use-case based or design-based iterative ‘Prototyping’ approach, where clients’ functional requirements are translated into ‘look and feel’ prototypes and modules, before freezing the project scope and proceeding with the development

RM MEDNET lays special impetus on initial requirement analysis and formulating an ideal project implementation team so as to remove any missing links in RMMEDNET’s understanding of client requirements. RM MEDNET strongly encourages its clients to be a part of the development life cycle to create a sense of security and comfort ability.

RMMEDNET follows a highly procedural approach towards offshore software development outsourcing, where each step in the project life cycle is clearly defined and documented


The RM MEDNET team leverages the diverse technical talent and experience set of our team to produce solutions that integrate into your existing, or planned, information and technological infrastructure. Based on the expertise of individuals RM MEDNET has repeatedly delivered high quality, highly functional web solutions. We have built applications ranging from single forms, to fully dynamic websites. A deep understanding, and comfort with, developing solutions across a broad range of platforms and environments provides our clients with a partner that can truly make strategic recommendations, and leverage existing infrastructure investment to create web-enabled solutions to solve core medical business challenges. Not limited to just creating new web solutions, RM MEDNET diversify in integrating application with third party tools, sharing data over the internet with various technology which is the BEST in the industry. RM MEDNET is committed to bring in the change in the medical industry which has been left behind from IT perspective and have provided Tablet PC, PDA solutions to the medical industry. RM MEDNET offers a wide range of web development services using innovative technologies and modern tools in variety of application areas:

- Web Solutions – ASP Model, Hybrid Model and Client Server Model.
- Tablet PC Version of Client Server application
- PDA Enabled application

At RM MEDNET, we realize that robust and reliable enterprise systems are critical to the success of any Business. We provide our customers with a range of premium support and maintenance services to improve the availability, reliability and security of your software systems. Our trained and ready resources allow you to maintain a lean staff and access expertise when you need it. With RM MEDNET, you get the latest knowledge, better outcomes, lower costs and of course unparalleled convenience - all without losing the smile on your face.

We work closely with our customers to create applications that address the unique needs of each of our customers. We have the expertise and experience to deliver Custom Systems Development Projects of any scale and scope - from finely-tuned Application Frameworks to deploying Infrastructure software products. Taking the client's business driven approach, we develop systems that generate key advantages for our clients. Our expertise in multitude of vertical and technical domains has positioned us strongly to deliver scalable, reliable, robust, secure and easily maintainable applications.

Our technological expertise and a tradition of acquiring and developing skills in state-of-the-art areas of information technology such as eBusiness, CRM, Business Intelligence, N-tier C/S application projects havehelped us fine-tune and hone our processes for each phase of the Systems Development Life Cycle. Nowonder then that our Custom Systems Development services are utilized by startup businesses and established corporations and Enterprise customers alike and have given us a unique edge in our abilities to serve diverse needs across multiple horizontal and vertical business domains. The combination of domain expertise and skills in cutting edge technologies has enabled us to offer "TOTAL SOLUTIONS” to the end users. Whether it is Application Integration, Application Maintenance, Application Reengineering or Production Support, you can count on us to deliver every time.

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